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What is a Sales Receipt?

Any time a customer purchases goods or services from your company, you should provide them with a receipt. People save receipts for various reasons, ranging from tax preparation to employer reimbursement to personal accounting. The sales receipt is the customer's proof that a purchase was made, what they bought and how much they paid. Several different types of sales receipts exist, and your company will use those most appropriately suited to the environment in which the sale was made.

What Should I Know About Sales Reciepts?

Sales receipts should be generated at the time of the transaction when money changes hands. Receipts protect both the customer and the company by detailing the products or services purchased, the date and time of the sale, the price paid and any other relevant information. Some companies also choose to list other details on sales receipts, like the name of the associate who conducted the transaction or additional marketing messages.


Sample Sales Receipt
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