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What is a Interpersonal Organizational Skills Assessment?

An interpersonal and organizational skills assessment is one way to for management to identify if an employee is still fit or not to work in the company. Interpersonal skills are most evident with extroverts who are naturally outgoing and always have something to talk about. The skill is mostly made up of elements which one is good at like verbal communication, non-verbal communication, listening skills, problem-solving skills and the like. Organizational skills are seen on how a person motivates, influences, and enables other people in the group to contribute to get an achievement done. This is basically how one manages to exert his time, effort, resources, and interpersonal and leadership skills in an impactful way to get the job done as much as possible. The leaders who were born leaders usually are these type of people and usually don’t have a hard time in bringing people together to lead them to success. This type of person knows how to work under pressure and would seemingly find a way to solve a problem and does not give up easily. They can create a culture that adheres and fosters to innovation and collaboration.

What are the different parts of an interpersonal and organizational skills assessment?

Different parts of an interpersonal and organizational skills assessment are:

  • Review information and guidelines - This part composes of employees’ name, date, and time that the review took place. As for the guidelines, it instructs the supervisor (or any person in-charge of the employee) to be familiar with the rating per number because this is how he is going to score his employee.
  • Communication - This is where the supervisors would make their first assessment of their employees. He would rate if his employees’ communication skills are good enough for the weeks or months that have passed by. This is also where he would rate if his employee also has good listening skills and knows how to process the received information.
  • Leadership - This is the part when the supervisor assesses if the employee showed some leadership along the way and how often does he show it. He can identify if his employee is exceptional in this field if he knows how to lead by example, handle conflicts professionally, does not easily give up, finds alternative ways to solve problems, and brings out the best in others.
  • Relationships - This is where he would identify if his employee works well with others. This does not only apply to his co-workers but also to the customers the company caters.
  • Project Management - This is where the supervisor assesses how his employee knows what to prioritize first and is keen on organizing certain tasks. He will also rate if the employee is good in giving out a lot of strategies that could make a plan work and would know how to manage a project’s costs effectively.
  • Productivity - This is one of the most important things the supervisor will assess in his employees especially if the company adheres to productivity in the workforce. He has to recall if his employee has been meeting deadlines on time and can complete a task fast without destroying its quality.
  • Personal Development - This part of the assessment is where the supervisor would rate how much development and growth his employee experienced already. This is where he would recall if his employee has been consistent in setting standards for himself and would always ask to do something challenging and out of his comfort zone. These types of employees usually are the goal-driven kind and most likely would grow to be an exceptional leader.


Sample Interpersonal Organizational Skills Assessment
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