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What is a Company Profile?

Company profile means the a concise description of a company as a whole. Depending on intended use of the profile and the available information, the length of the profile may be just one written paragraph or it may be a report of several pages. The profile may be made for a simple purpose like attracting people to join the company as employees, or it may be to attract another company as a major business partner. Generally profiles are simple written reports, but these can also be more elaborate power point presentations or videos.

What Should Be Included in a Company Profile?

The following information may be included in a profile.

  • The basic information like name location.
  • The product range and the market segment served.
  • Promoters and top top management of the company.
  • Mission and vision statement of the company.
  • Corporate policies of the company Major achievements of the company Financial report on company. This will include balance, sheet, profit and loss accounts and some key performance ratios.
  • The information may also cover past performance and future projections.
  • Major future expansion and diversification plans.
  • Major current and future challenges and opportunities face


Sample Company Profile
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