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What is a Codicil to Will?

A codicil is a testamentary document similar but not necessarily identical to a will. In some jurisdictions, it may serve to amend, rather than replace, a previously executed will. In others, it may serve as an alternative to a will. In still others, there is no recognized distinction between a codicil and a will.

What can you do with a codicil?

A codicil is a great way to make small changes to your will. For example, if you’ve fallen out with a sibling since writing your original will, you can use a codicil to disinherit him or her. A codicil can affect the loved ones named in your will in certain ways:

  • You can add or remove beneficiaries, including living trusts or testamentary trusts.
  • You can name new contingent beneficiaries.
  • You can nominate a new executor, co-executors, or contingent executors of your
  • estate. (Read more about the role of the executor.)
  • You can name a new guardian, co-guardians, or contingent guardians of your minor children.


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