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What is a Certificate Of Achievement?

A certificate of achievement acknowledges both short- and long-term accomplishments. It does not necessarily signify that a person has completed something but rather that she has hit a significant milestone in the process of completion. A certificate of achievement can be given in the workplace for things like completing a specific sales goal or a personal employment achievement. While a certification of achievement can be given when someone leaves a company, the certificate of achievement definition is generally not one of finality. If you get a certificate of achievement, it doesn't mean you are leaving your job. These certificates hold varying amounts of weight educational sphere or workplace but a certification is not equivalent to a diploma, raise or increase in responsibilities.

Can You Get a Job With a Certificate of Achievement?

Academic certificates can significantly help you get a job, even if they are not required for the job. In fact, getting a certificate in an area that will better prepare you for a certain job is a great way to make yourself stand out among other candidates. For example, if you have a bachelor's degree in communications, but you want to apply at a fortune 500 company, a certificate in communications in business offered by a college or university can set you apart. Non-academic certificates, on the other hand, will not generally help you get a job. However, in some cases, they are worth putting on your resume. For example, if a nanny position advertisement states that a person with a background in arts and crafts is preferred, you may want to mention your certificates of achievement in scrap booking.


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